None of what is happening at Bloom would be possible without the incredible team behind it. With our Meet the Team Series, we will be introducing the individuals who are working hard to make all of this possible.

Now, meet one of our oldest team members, Mara, our party planner, bottle photographer and Senior Designer:

Portrait of Mara Dillinger

Where were you born and raised, Mara?
The Pacific Northwest

What is your position at Bloom?
I have the pleasure of working with a variety of unique winery owners and alcohol brands in order to extend their vision to their online customers. I work with a great team to build the sites and design the Bloom software.

What inspired you to get into this line of work?
It's like agency life, varied and fast, but with more humanity, and a higher ABV.

After a hard day of work, what's your drink of choice?
In the winter, any Washington red wine I haven't tried yet, as their are infinite. In the warm months, a cold Cloudburst IPA.

What inspired your haircut and color?
The ephemeral nature of hair inspires me to do whatever I want with it. Variety is the spice of life.

What's the most interesting thing that's happened to you lately?
I had the honor to photograph a yet released, canned beer for one of my favorite breweries! I love/hate secrets!

What would people be surprised to know about you?
I only own one cat.

Outside of “Bloom hours,” what's your favorite way to spend time?
Photographing nature or eating and drinking something new.

How do you define success?
By how much I can give back to my community.

OK quick answer!

Big party or small gathering? The smallest gathering! (especially now days)

Game of Throne vs Lord of the Rings? Evie and I are in the middle of reading all of Tolkien... soooo LotR

Podcast or book? Both!

Texting or talking? Texting

Cake or pie? Pie

Tea or coffee? Coffee

Ocean or mountains? The Cascades

Ninjas or pirates? Pirates

Would you rather be a tiny elephant or a giant hamster? Elephants have good memories, and I'd like to know what that's like.

Photo by Mara Dillinger & with help from Evie