Version 1.9

January 13, 2023

  1. NEW: When creating a release, you might not want to include all of the packages that are created by default. Maybe you want to create a release that only has packages for a certain subset of members. There is a new Remove packages feature in the Action menu on the main Packages view. Just filter, select, and remove. Those will be removed from the release and not be part of the batch. Removing packages before batching allows you to pre-remove any packages you don't want to include when batching. 
  2. NEW: When managing packages there is now a Total Quantity value that will appear above the Search filter. This Total Quantity is the total number of products in your filtered view. If you need to know how many of a single product are in a release, just filter to that one product and you'll see the total. This is the first step in adding a proper selections report to the Packages views.
  3. UPDATED: If you're using Bloom Commerce 1.0 and the Members & Benefits app tile, you can now edit an existing membership. You'll see the Edit link next to the release package information. After tapping Edit you can change the package quantities, update shipping and billing info, then save the membership. We'll continue to improve the editing capabilities on the POS throughout the coming months.
  4. UPDATED: There is a new setting in Package settings content where you can hide product specs from members, on the product detail modals. This modal appears when members are editing or purchasing their upcoming package, and clicks on the product image or title. 
  5. UPDATED: We have made several updates to Bloom Commerce subscriptions, including adding a new sales channel "Subscription order". Additionally, we've been working hard on our migration scripts to make it easier for current subscriptions to be moved to the new system. 
  6. UPDATED: Bloom Commerce Emails have been updated to use Groups instead of Membership Levels. This allows for the use of groups in 1.0, as well as backward compatibility for legacy users. When you create emails you'll now see the term "Groups" used in a few places. Nothing else has changed with how our emails work. 
  7. FIX: If a local pick up order is added through Shopify Checkout, Bloom would populate the empty shipping address with the address of the pickup location. This made it easy to send the address to ShipCompliant or other integrated services. We found that adding or changing the shipping address on the order would not allow new transactions to be created on the order. The fix was to NOT add the shipping address, but still send the address to integrated services. Moving forward, Bloom will not update the shipping address on local pick up orders. 
  8. FIX: We no longer allow the deleting of batches after they have been processed. This was causing issues with the packages in the batch, causing issues when attempting to re-batch them. Now, if a package has been processed, it can only be archived. 
  9. FIX: When deleting a failed payment in a batch, Bloom Commerce will now flip the package status back to Open, allowing it to be edited/fixed and added to a new batch.
  10. FIX: When editing a membership, the Shipping State drop-down will now respect only the states defined in your Shopify Shipping Zones. 

Version 1.8

January 10, 2023

  1. NEW: Bloom Commerce Subscriptions are now available in our new 1.0 application. Subscriptions are now fully integrated with Shopify products and customers. When purchase options are created in Bloom Commerce, selling plans are created on Shopify products. Let us know if you'd like a demonstration of these new features. 
  2. NEW: If you're using ShipCompliant, Bloom Commerce now has a new setting where you can turn off compliance checks and order commits for all orders. This feature essentially disables automatic checks. This allows you to halt checks for a period of time, then use the Recheck Compliance feature to check orders when you're ready. 
  3. NEW: Releases now have content management fields for Bloom Commerce 1.0 users. When members log in and view their upcoming release and associated packages, there is a lot of content that will display to inform the members about the release. All content, buttons, and messages can now be updated so the wording fits your business needs. 
  4. UPDATED:  If you're using Allocations and the Wish list feature, you'll see a new Status on the Wish Granting view called Order Created. This status is for packages that have been purchased, and wishes that have been requested, but not granted or purchased. 
  5. UPDATED: Gliding Eagle international shipping rates have been integrated with Preflights when batching packages. Now you'll see international shipping rates in your preflight reports. 
  6. UPDATED: When cancelling a membership, the cancellation reasons you can select no longer use the word "wine". This allows beer, spirits, and other merchants to use Bloom Commerce and not display "wine" to their members. 
  7. FIX: When creating a draft order and using the Pay with saved credit card feature, if you hadn't selected a customer for the order, then an error would appear. Now, we display a clear message to go back and add a customer so a card can be selected. 
  8. FIX: Product thumbnail images may not have displayed in the POS, or in Product Specifications on the Bundles feature. This is now fixed.
  9. FIX: Because the membership join form uses Google's address auto-complete, new members were able to select states that weren't in Shopify's shipping profile. We've fixed this so the State field can only pull from Shopify shipping rate zones. 
  10. FIX: If a membership had a status of On hold, and there was an end-date for that hold status, the membership displayed an "Invalid date" error. Now the end date will display as expected. 
  11. WORKING ON: The team will continue to work on Subscriptions, specifically reporting on upcoming renewals. Additionally, we're designing ways to exclude memberships from releases to make it easy to create releases with a specific set of memberships. 

Version 1.7

December 27, 2022

  1. NEW: If you're using Bloom Commerce 1.0, then you're using the new Customer Account features. Our initial content management features are now available from the Edit Tier view. Just click on the new Content tab. Here you'll be able to edit the headers, button labels, messaging, etc. for your Tiers. Releases and package content management are next on our list to add, as well as a new app styling feature. Stay tuned. 
  2. NEW: If you want to limit customizations based on price, that is now available on our new package customization features. We've had the ability to set limits on min/max quantities. Now you can also use min/max package price. 
  3. UPDATED: When editing package settings for a release in Bloom Commerce 1.0, you'll see some changes to how the features are organized. There is a new tab for Default Package, which allows the Settings view to be its own tab. As mentioned above, we are also adding a Content tab. This will make managing package settings more organized and focused. 
  4. UPDATED: After a lot of testing and feedback, we've decided to make some changes to our package statuses. They were getting confused with batch and release statuses. Now, package statuses are Open, Preflight, Failed, Order Created, and Completed. These are all mutually exclusive. Order Created will really only be used for orders that also have wishes requested. This lets you know the main allocation order has been created, but wishes are still outstanding. 
  5. FIX: In the last release, we launched the publish/un-publish date feature. We found that if you clear out the date, the interface wouldn't let the user add a new date. You'd need to close the interface and start over. This is now fixed. 
  6. FIX: If you only offer shipping, when customers edited their membership using the new 1.0 Customer Account features, pick up was also shown as an option. Now, the customer-facing interface will respect the ship/pick. up features set on the tier.
  7. FIX: Shops that had a lot of unfulfilled orders may have seen performance issues when Bloom would check ShipCompliant for the shipping status on those orders. Too many checks could back up our background processing. We've taken the first step in solving this problem by not relying on Shopify data and their APIs. Now we use our own data and APIs which is much more performant. 
  8. WORKING ON: We're still wrapping up our new Subscription features, focusing on something all-new, the upcoming renewals view. The new Join Form is also testing well, but not ready for prime-time. Hopefully, both of these features will be ready sometime in January.

Version 1.6

December 13, 2022

  1. NEW: On the Membership dashboard you'll now see a listing of the last five memberships that have been added, as well as a search field where you can find any membership. This makes it much faster to find a member in the new Bloom Commerce 1.0 app. 
  2. NEW: If you use Bloom Bundles on your products, and don't want the line items of the bundle to appear in the cart or checkout, there is now a new checkbox on the bundle feature that will allow you to hide the line items. 
  3. NEW: Releases have a new dashboard. There is a lot of data and direct links to the release, products, and batches in the release, making it faster to get to the information you're looking for. 
  4. NEW: You can now schedule a release to be published, or unpublished. This is handy if you need your releases to publish in the middle of the night, or at a specific time when you don't want to change the publish setting manually. 
  5. NEW: If you use carrier-calculated rates for batch orders, you may have seen that some orders get an error message "Shipping rate not found." There is a new checkbox on the Shippo integration that allows you to turn off the "Contains alcohol" flag. If you turn this off, your rates will likely be lower than with it on. It should reduce the number of potential errors. 
  6. UPDATED: We've improved batch order processing speeds for Shopify Plus shops by almost 100% because we can make twice as many API calls on Plus shops.
  7. UPDATED: When members log in to manage their membership, they will see a new layout that is cleaner and easier to read. These were minor updates, but sometimes it is the small things that make the difference. 
  8. UPDATED: If you run allocation-type releases, and want to use our Simple Wishes feature, it is now fully functional with the new allocation checkout app we released a few weeks ago. 
  9. UPDATED: Also on allocations, if you use our Wish list feature, admins can now update the wish granted and requested on a member's behalf. This allows admins to take wish requests directly from members, where the member isn't required to log in and update the wishes themselves. 
  10. FIX: On the Shopify POS, if fulfilling a pickup order for a member, the default location was the Shop's default location. This has been fixed, and now the pickup location is the location of the POS device. 
  11. FIX: If you're using Bloom Commerce 1.0, and had discounts turned off in the tier settings, the discounts would actually be included on orders. The feature worked the opposite of what the interface displayed. Please check your tier settings and make sure your discounts are properly configured. 
  12. WORKING ON: We're getting closer to completing the third major version of our Subscription features and the new interfaces are looking great. The team is also continuing to work hard on the new website join experience. 

Version 1.5

November 30, 2022

  1. NEW: Shopify recently released a feature where you can merge two customers. Because Bloom Commerce adds special metafields to customers, these metafields prevented the merge feature from working. We've added the ability to remove all customer metafields so the merge feature will work. We need to turn on this setting for you. Please contact us if you'd like to use the merge feature.
  2. UPDATED: The Members & Benefits tile now supports Bloom Commerce 1.0 memberships. When adding new members through the POS, 1.0 tier preferences, customizations, and package creation is now fully functional. 
  3. UPDATED: When batching orders through Bloom 1.0, the system will now create Shopify orders significantly faster than before, roughly 60 orders per minute!
  4. UPDATED: When using our membership emails that allow users to view their membership, the links have been updated to take users to the Account page in Shopify where the new Customer Account section can be viewed.  
  5. UPDATED: We made a lot of updates to Bloom Commerce 1.0 features that were small but continue to improve the app. There are too many to list here. 
  6. FIX: When using our new Customer Account section for package customization, or allocation checkouts, the discount pricing would not display quantity-based discounts. Now, if your discount changes when you reach a certain package quantity, the pricing will now reflect the correct price, providing a more accurate package total. 
  7. FIX: If you're using our new 1.0 Customer Account section, we noticed members were able to edit admin-only tiers, and tiers without preferences. We fixed this by hiding the Edit features with these types of tiers. 
  8. FIX: Our Shipping report would time out if there were thousands of orders in the report. This has been fixed. 
  9. WORKING ON: We've completed the core functionality for the new Join form that can be used for membership signups using Bloom Commerce 1.0. Next is to make sure styling and all the cool transitions throughout the signup flow are dialed in. We hope this will be ready for initial use in our next release. 

Version 1.4

November 14, 2022

  1. UPDATED: When order notes are added to an order purchased through the web checkout, Bloom will add a new order attribute: Order note: Yes. This can be used with Shopify Flow to tag orders with notes, send your administrators an email when an order is created with a note, and more. 
  2. FIX: Many shops started to see errors when new members where joining a club. The message "There was an error in the third-party application." would display instead of the Welcome to the club view. This error has now been fixed. 
  3. WORKING ON: We're putting the finishing touches on our batch order performance updates, as well as our new join form for new members who want to create a membership from the website. 

Version 1.3

November 1, 2022

  1. NEW: When you start using allocations with 1.0, our "wish for more" features are fully complete. These include the ability to search for the quantity of wish products requested, admins can grant wishes, and send emails to members where they can click to complete the purchase. Wishes will be included on the original allocation order so they can all be shipped at one time. We're excited for everyone to check out these awesome additions. 
  2. UPDATE: We've made more improvements and feature additions to our 1.0 Batch Orders, which will allow you to update orders individually before they are batched and imported into Shopify. 
  3. UPDATE: When admins or members customize a package, we now show the original item quantity as well as the new customized quantity. This update provides more information when viewing package details, and will enhance our customization reports. 
  4. UPDATE: If you use GLS for shipping, we've updated the code used by Shopify from GLS (US) to simply GLS. This will ensure that carrier will accurately be sent to 3rd-party fulfillment systems. 
  5. UPDATE: Products that are not marked as a "Physical product" in Shopify will not be sent to Wineshipping if you are using our direct integration. 
  6. FIX: When editing a credit card in the Bloom Commerce Admin, if the card was declined, an error message would not display. That message will now display. 
  7. WORKING ON: We're rebuilding the form website visitors use to join memberships. The customer experience is going to be very slick, using a mobile-first design approach. It will feel like a mobile app and will be directly connected to the new 1.0 architecture and data. Stay tuned. 

Version 1.2

October 17, 2022

This 1.2 release was also only a week in duration, but we got a lot done. Our normal two-week release schedule will resume with our next 1.3 version.  

  1. NEW: If you're using ShipComplaint, and our new bundles feature in product specifications you can elect to send the bundle line items to ShipCompliant instead of the single bundle SKU. This means compliance checks will happen at the item level. You'll now see a new checkbox in the bundle component which will enable this new feature. 
  2. NEW: Wishes in our Allocation features now support "Wish only" products. Meaning, if you want to offer a product that can only be wished for, it is as easy as setting the default values to 0, but adding a wish min/max to the package configuration. 
  3. UPDATE: Images used on the new Customer Account views have been optimized for size and performance. When customers log in to view upcoming releases and edit their packages, they will see speed improvements.
  4. UPDATE: When a product is deleted from Shopify, and that product is used in an active release with packages, Bloom would show errors throughout the app. We've added new features that allow you to either swap deleted products for new products or remove them from the release and all related packages. 
  5. UPDATE: Preflight batch orders now include an excerpt and detailed messages from ShipCompliant. This is especially helpful when there are compliance issues with the order. 
  6. FIX: On rare occasions, when using carrier-calculated shipping rates for club orders, Bloom wasn't using the least-expensive rate returned. Sometimes the first rate returned was used. This has been fixed. 
  7. FIX: When deleting a subscription membership in Bloom, the subscription contract on the customer in Shopify will be removed. Before this fix, it would hang around and cause confusion. 
  8. WORKING ON: We're speeding up our order processing pipeline when batching orders. This combined with preflights will save hours of time when batching large releases. 

Version 1.1

October 11, 2022

We are releasing 1.1 a week early in order to get some important Bloom Commerce 1.0 features live. We're working on our 1.2 release, which will also be completed in one week. This will put is back on our normal two-week schedule for the 1.3 release.  

  1. NEW: Our allocation features are now fully complete, including wish list functionality. You can now segment memberships into groups, allocate specific wines to those groups, and allow for members to wish for more wines if they become available. If you're interested in allocation-style releases or want to upgrade from our old system, let us know!
  2. NEW: Customers can now have a completely new experience when logging into their Shopify account. If you've upgraded to Bloom Commerce 1.0, your members will have easier access to their membership information and can customize the package for the upcoming release. The new interfaces will also display member pricing, making it easier for members to know exactly what their next shipment will cost. If configured to use our new skip shipment feature, members can now choose to skip the upcoming release.
  3. NEW: When using our new Preflight feature for batching, you can now see all packages that might have issues before you create your final orders. For instance, Bloom Commerce 1.0 now provides the ability to see all orders that will not pass compliance checks and allows you to fix any issues before batching. There are too many cool features of Preflight to list here. Let us know if you want a demo or are ready to upgrade. 
  4. FIX: We fixed an issue when checking compliance on POS orders, where Bloom Commerce may have not re-checked compliance when the final order was created in Shopify. This has been fixed so now all orders are always checked right before committing them to ShipCompliant. 
  5. FIX: You may have experienced an intermittent error when using the Pay with Saved Credit Card feature on Shopify Draft Orders. This has been fixed for all shops. 
  6. WORKING ON: We're finalizing our new admin interfaces for Subscriptions. We're hoping to have these released in 1.3. Also working on designs for a new Releases dashboard for the Bloom Sales Channel app. 

Version 1.0

October 3, 2022

Yes, this is version 1.0, our first major release! It has been a long time coming. The team has worked hard over the past two years and the product is amazing. Most of the app has been rebuilt. Memberships, Tiers, Releases, Batches, and the Customer Account views... it is all new. Please contact us if you want a demo and upgrade. We need to assist with the setup and membership migration. 

In this release, we completed over 40 new features for our 1.0 product. That is far too many to list. Future release notes will include 1.0 features. 

  1. UPDATED: If you use Bloom's Bundle feature and you don't want the main bundle item's inventory to be controlled by the available inventory of the bundle item products, then you can let us know. We can configure your shop so that inventory sync is turned off. You might want to turn it off if you have a lot of bundles that use the same product, and you want to control the inventory of the main bundle products with very specific values. 
  2. FIX: If the location used in the POS didn't have a value for the "Apartment, suite, etc." field in Shopify settings, Bloom's Check Compliance feature might have displayed an error. Now a value isn't required in this address field. 
  3. FIX: Shops with hundreds of products may have made Bloom's Product Specs view in Bloom Settings time out. That bug has been fixed. 
  4. WORKING ON: We'll finalize our Subscription admin views in our next 1.1 release. And, we're designing a new Release dashboard, which we may have completed by 1.1. 


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