None of what is happening at Bloom would be possible without the incredible team behind it. With our Meet the Team Series, we will be introducing the individuals who are working hard to make all of this possible.

Now, meet one of our co-founders, Josh, our Director of Engineering:

Portrait of Josh

Where were you born and raised, Josh?
Born in Los Angeles, raised in Western Washington and British Columbia.

What's your role at Bloom?
As co-founder and lead engineer, I oversee all software development work for the Bloom platform. My focus is to ensure that the products and services we create are meeting our high standards for quality and technical sophistication.

What do you want to improve most about the DtC wine industry?
I want to dispel the idea that wineries need industry-specific versions of existing top-tier software in order to operate effectively. At Bloom, we believe that highly scalable, cloud-based products with a proven track record are the best solution for the DTC industry. My goal is to build simple and intuitive tools that leverage those best-in-class solutions to transform winery operations.

Outside of “Bloom hours,” what's your favorite way to spend time?
Spending time with family and friends. All forms of traveling, especially motorcycle road trips, and extended stays in cities I've never been to before.

What's your favorite ride at Disneyland & why?
The Haunted Mansion. It's one of the least altered attractions from the 1960s era, and among the few remaining which Walt Disney worked on personally.

What's your favorite winter drink?
Sun Liquor Distillery's holiday spirit blend (with or without egg nog)

What was your very first job?
Making deliveries for a tv/film production equipment rental company in Hollywood.

If it was safe to travel and you had a plane ticket, leaving anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?
Either Hong Kong or Central Mexico (Mexico City and León)

OK quick answer!

Podcast or book? Podcast for entertainment; book for knowledge

Texting or talking? Texting

Invisibility or super strength? Invisibility

Cake or pie? Pie

Star Wars or Lord of the Rings? Yes

Tea or coffee? Coffee

Ocean or mountains? Places where you don't have to choose

Climb a mountain or jump from a plane? Climb a mountain

Ninjas or pirates? Pirates

Would you rather be a tiny elephant or a giant hamster? It would depend on my environment. If unknown, then giant hamster.

Photo by Mara Dillinger