ELLMAN Family Vineyards

Luxury wine brands, like ELLMAN Family Vineyards, require a different online experience than your typical winery. Their customers are looking for a unique, elevated experience that exceeds their expectations. The ELLMAN website needed to tell a compelling brand story, showcase the winery's focus on quality and promote the exclusive nature of their allocation-only wines. The team at ELLMAN turned to Bloom to help them transition to a new platform that would provide their customers a rich online experience and offer the features needed to support and grow their business.



Although functional, the former Wordpress-based website did not properly express the uniqueness of the brand. Our approach was to leverage ELLMAN'S deep photography library and deliver a rich, visual story to each visitor. The original color palette relied on the not-so-unique "grape purple," which felt was too obvious as a primary color choice. Our design team decided to simplify the palette and use only dark gray and gold, symbolizing the “golden-hour” coloring that falls over Napa Valley vineyards. These colors enhance the high-end feel and harmonize with the styling of the photography. Taking inspiration from the ELLMAN wine label, editorial-style typography was used to continue the clean and balanced look. 

Our last goal was to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the website. We paired smooth transitions and fluid animations to ELLMAN'S preexisting static content, which elevates the customer experience, making it more memorable and immersive, ideal for the luxury brand consumer. 



In order to accommodate their customers' diverse preferences and needs, ELLMAN came to us with a unique set of requirements. The first need was the ability to offer their top-tier wines as allocation-only, two times a year. Members need to be able to add onto their default allocation or choose to skip their shipment. In addition to allocations, ELLMAN also wanted to offer traditional clubs, each with a unique set of benefits, frequency, and quantity.  Offering both options provides their customers with greater choices and allows them to cater to a wider range of preferences and needs.


“Apps and Automation



Because of the powerful CRM and commerce integration with Shopify, ELLMAN chose ActiveCampaign for their email marketing platform. New allocation members can add themselves to the mailing list by using the membership form powered by Bloom Commerce. New allocation members are segmented based on specific criteria, such as behavior and lifetime value. This allows ELLMAN to create targeted and personalized communications for each segment. Traditional club members are auto-added to ActiveCampaign as contacts and tagged with their membership tier. Automations are used to send personalized welcome messages and other club announcements.

“Shopify Inbox

Shopify Inbox

Building strong relationships with their customers was at the top of ELLMAN'S priority list. A few chat engines were evaluated, but Shopify Inbox was selected for its ease-of-setup and native integration with customer orders and discounts. Real-time chat improves customer satisfaction and increases brand loyalty by providing a way for customers to make a personal connection with the winery. ELLMAN demonstrates its commitment to exceptional customer service and creates a more personal and engaging shopping experience with Shopify Inbox.

By leveraging the power of Shopify's robust e-commerce platform and Bloom's expertise in membership marketing, ELLMAN is poised to grow its customer base, expand its reach, and increase sales. As the brand continues to embrace digital technology and innovation, we can expect to see it emerge as a leader in the luxury wine space, with a strong online presence and a loyal customer base. For help growing your business, fill out the form below.