5 last-minute online sales tips

It's predicted that holiday e-commerce sales will break-records this year. According to Adobe Analytics, Black Friday and Thanksgiving alone are projected to increase by 25% - reaching $12.3 U.S BILLION.

Cyber Monday, on the other hand, was shown to be more successful than Black Friday. The online sales event brought in $7.9 billion US in sales—even higher than the record-setting Black Friday in 2018 that generated $6.2 billion US.

Is your website ready for the holiday boost in traffic & transactions?
If not - Bloom has your back.

Here are 5 sales tips you can implement to take your piece of the pie this week - pumpkin pie that is.

  1. Make your offer compelling & build relationships. It's these rare opportunities during the year where you can lower your prices without losing your brand integrity. Offer to take care of the shipping or add a free wine tasting with purchase to make that lasting connection.

  2. Give extra value to your VIP customers. An opportunity to go big with special prices on your library wines. Curate holiday packs that are tailored specifically to their VIP taste buds.

  3. Build up the hype on Social - but don't miss out on the power of email. Use segmentation to personalize your emails for club members. You'll see higher open rates, and higher click through rates—helping you build and maintain a strong customer relationship. Bloom is connected with Mailchimp to target club members by level to help you do that. Don't forget about Mailchimp's email automation where you can build campaigns like “New club members that sign up today get 15% off their next purchase.”

  4. Go one step further & customize by purchase history, location and much more. Here are 9 email segments you can use to collect sales now & during the aftermath of these couple of days:
  • Recent Openers
  • Product Browsers
  • Email Ignorers
  • Hasn't Purchased (but is engaged)
  • Almost Purchasers
  • VIP Customers
  • Category Buyers
  • Geographic Targets
  • Gift Givers

For Recent Openers, Browsers, Ignorers, Hasn't Purchase or Almost Purchased segments, create final offers to push them to checkout or re-target with a follow-up series the following days & weeks.

For e-mail ignorers, re-target the same offer with a different subject headline.

For VIP Customers, Category Buyers, Geographic Targets & Gift Givers tailor messaging that mirrors their buyer behavior.

  1. Connect with customers in real-time to convert potential sales into life long customers. Drift & Facebook Messenger can plug into your store to help customers with any questions just like you're with them in the Tasting Room!

There you have it folks, your last minute, Black Friday/Thanksgiving/Cyber Monday campaign. And don't forget to have a deliciously-stuffed holiday!

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